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Historically, silicon line widths have constantly been reduced as projected by Gordon Moore in 1965. This exponential improvement in silicon manufacturing will soon give rise to chips containing one billion transistors running at many gigahertz. However, this virtually limitless ability to process data within a chip is increasingly handicapped by the failure for chip I/O to similarly scale. The problem is that electrical chip I/O doesn’t scale according to Moore’s Law, and the only way to increase electrical I/O bandwidth is to increase power, reduce range and add sophisticated signal processing.

Today this model for electrical chip I/O has reached its limits. The amazing increases in silicon speed and density and the limitations of electrical interconnect are making it impossible to meet the bandwidth needs of future silicon product generations. Luxtera’s CMOS Photonics™ technology platform is the natural solution to this challenge.


Luxtera’s CMOS Photonics™ technology allows the construction of complex optical systems in production CMOS processes – the same processes currently used for building VLSI circuits. Luxtera has designed, fabricated and tested a complete suite of photonic elements that when combined with high speed digital circuits enable the delivery a broad range of disruptive computer, communications and sensing products.