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Hyperscale Data Center

Networks are changing to more flattened topologies and now have a need for low cost, long reach optics. Cloud Data Centers are becoming “hyperscale”, meaning they are growing to a massive size and in some cases, require multiple massive structures in a campus location.

Luxtera provides optical transceivers that match the unique speed, reach, and cost requirements of hyperscale datacenters.


Data rates are increasing, and there is a shift in the market to disaggregate servers into pieces that consist of processors (CPUs), memory, and networking interfaces. Once the server is disaggregated, the individual pieces are best interconnected via optics.

Luxtera brings optics into low-cost small form factor devices used in enterprise networks.

Mobile Infrastructure

The explosion of smartphones is creating an insatiable demand for high bandwidth in mobile networks. Base stations are becoming more complex and require a rapidly increasing number of long distance optical connections.

Luxtera’s optical transceivers are used in next generation mobile infrastructure deployments around the world.

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