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Luxtera Ships One-Millionth Silicon CMOS Photonics Enabled 10Gbit Channel

Milestone signifies the emergence of Silicon Photonics as the next generation interconnect with 10 Petabits of transceiver bandwidth shipped

Carlsbad, Calif. – February 21, 2012

News Highlights:

  • Luxtera’s one-millionth commercially consumed Silicon CMOS Photonic channel represents the maturity of the company’s process and its applicability to meet the needs of next generation computing and networking platforms.
  • Silicon CMOS Photonics technology is expanding beyond research labs to super-computing clusters, mission critical servers and financial institutions.
  • Current customers have found that Silicon CMOS Photonics provides a noted improvement in reliability over alternative traditional optics technology such as VCSELs.

Luxtera, the worldwide leader in Silicon CMOS Photonics, today announces that it has shipped its one-millionth 10Gbit channel. This important milestone validates the growing demand for Silicon Photonics in today’s mission critical data centers and computer clusters as well as reinforces Luxtera’s ability to meet high performance computing (HPC) needs on a larger scale. The announcement further signifies the emergence of Silicon Photonics as the next generation interconnect with 10 Petabits of transceiver bandwidth shipped.

Luxtera is the leading IP provider and supplier of Silicon CMOS Photonics and is the only known provider of Silicon Photonics shipping in significant commercial volume. The technology continues to be a driving force that supports growing bandwidth demands of equipment in HPC, next generation datacenters and cloud computing. Silicon Photonics offers a reliable, low cost yet high performance solution as opposed to traditional technologies such as vertical cavity surface emitting lasers (VCSELs). Recognizing its benefits, Silicon Photonics continues to be the focus of many research labs and universities, most notably IBM and Intel. The technology has made news recently as the enabling building block in the race for building computers at an exascale (1018 byte) level, to learn more visit


“The announcement today is an important milestone for the optical industry, Silicon CMOS Photonics can no longer be characterized as the technology of the future, it appears it is ready to be front and center as the technology of today,” said Brad Smith, vice president and industry analyst at, a firm that specializes in high-speed interconnect market research. “The number of channels shipped is impressive, but even more impressive is that this milestone was achieved in a market that is cost sensitive and the competing solution was often a VCSEL-based cable.”

“Today’s announcement of shipping 10 Petabits of Silicon CMOS Photonics links is the culmination of a vision that the founders and investors of Luxtera dreamed of almost eleven years ago,” said Chris Bergey, vice president of marketing at Luxtera.  “Fortunately, this milestone is only the tipping point of what we see ahead in the opportunities for Silicon Photonics and Luxtera.  We plan to leverage our significant Silicon Photonics IP portfolio and expertise into a much larger scale going forward.”

About Luxtera
Luxtera, Inc. is the world leader in Silicon CMOS Photonics. It is the first company to overcome the complex technical obstacles involved with integrating high performance optics directly with silicon electronics on a mainstream CMOS chip, bringing direct “fiber to the chip” connectivity to market. Headquartered in Carlsbad, California, Luxtera is a fabless semiconductor company that was founded in 2001 by a team of industry-renowned researchers and technology managers drawn from the communications and semiconductor industries. Luxtera has received funding from leading venture capitalists including August Capital, New Enterprise Associates, Sevin Rosen Funds and Lux Capital. More information can be found on the company's web site:

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